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Military Watches
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Click for photo Moeris - 15j, manual[movement], excellent+ Chrome top Stainless steel back screwback case, 31mm, [back]another view [view], excellent Original dial, some patina , subsidiary seconds. Fewer of these WW2 watches for the German military are available today. . A piece of history that survived the war on the eastern front which saw much of the bloodiest battles of WW2.The watch is working but very roughly, not suitable for everyday wear. But the dial is special.! (Ref rm739)

Click for photo Moser, Henry - 15j, manual,pin set [movement], very good+ Base metal hinged back case, 34mm[back]another view [view]another view [view], very good+ Original enamel dial, subsidiary seconds,some damage at 11. Rare Moser wrist watch made for the Signal corp. This was ordered at a time when there was no central purchasing for the War dept. Every corp and branch would just order what suited them.Very collectible! (Ref rm1155)
$883 Rarity/Collectibility Grade

Click for photo Omega - 17j. manual Caliber 289 [movement], excellent+ Stainless steel screw back case, 35mm, signed crown[back]another view [view]another view [view], near mint Original dial, subsidiary seconds.. .Desirable Omega "Ranchero" made for the Pakistan Air Force. Very collectible Military watch.! (Ref r2021)

Click for photo Omega - 16j, 30T2SC[movement], excellent+ Stainless steel screwback case , Marked for the Air Ministry 36mm[back]another view [view]another view [view], near mint Original dial as done by the British to remove radium ,sweep seconds,. Classic Omega Military watch for the British armed forces. very collectible and wearable. Would have been issued to the RAF in 1956.! (Ref rm1203)

Click for photo Omega - 15j, 30T2 [movement], excellent+ Chrome top stainless steel screw back, 35mm, correct markings on back.[back]another view [view]another view [view], excellent+ Excellent refinished dial dial , subsidiary seconds, the numbers and teh hands have been re-lumed.. One of the best of the "dirty dozen". 12 notable Swiss watchmakers were contracted to produce a watch for the British military to certain specifications. Omega was one of the best. A piece of military history, very collectible.! (Ref rm1677)
$1,349 - ON HOLD ()

Click for photo Record Watch - 15j,, manual, [movement], excellent+ Rechromed case with stainless steel screwback, 34mm,DH markings on back [back]another view [view]another view [view], excellent+ Original dial, luminous has decayed. Scarce German military Record watch from the late 20s -40s. It has been rechromed but the dial is original and in good condition. Harder to find these DH watches. Larger than most of the DH watches from WW2. Better than an NFT.! (Ref rq1230)

Click for photo Recta - 15j, manual wind, [movement], excellent Well worn chrome plated top with stainless screw back, 32mm [back]another view [view]another view [view], excellent Original dial , subsidiary seconds,. Good example of a Recta military watch for the German armed forces of WW@. For obvious reasons not all watches survived the war or ensuing years and becoming a scarce collectible. A watch with a history for everyday wear or a nice addition to your collection.! (Ref rm931)

Click for photo Smiths - 17j, manual,hack set [movement], near mint Stainless steel screwback case, 34mm [back]another view [view]another view [view], mint Original dial, sweep seconds.. One of the last watches made in England. This Smith's watch for the British Army is in excellent condition. These watches have shot up in value in the last few years. Very collectible.! (Ref rm1741)
$1,817 - ON HOLD ()

Click for photo Swiss - 15j, manual, AS 1130 [movement], excellent+ Steel screw back case, 34mm[back]another view [view]another view [view], excellent Original dial, subsidiary seconds.. A scarce WW2 German military watch. at 34mm it is larger than the average one. Cronos was made by Hentschel of Hamburg and made high grade watches and several for the German military in the late 1930s and early 1940s . The movement was made by A.Schild of Switzerland and is a very high grade movement. Very collectible and keeping good time in such original condition.! (Ref rm1760)

Click for photo Swiss - 15j, manual [movement], excellent+ Chrome top.stainless steel screwback, 33mm [back]another view [view]another view [view], near mint Original dial, subsidiary seconds.Hands repainted.. Good overall condition on this "Helios" made for the German military in WW2. A part of the greatest conflict in history. Very collectible.! (Ref rm1748)

39 items found , showing 21 to 30
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