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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Click for photo Howard - N series with deer,manual wind ,stem set,[movement], excellent+ size 18,Hunter cased pink gold filled hinged back , slight brassing on back edge [back], near mint Enamel single sunk dial, subsidiary seconds, blue steeled hands and arabic numerals,. beautiful E Howard from around 1890, this is an 18s watch and has a crystal dust cover so you can view the movement without exposure to the elements. Howard is recognized as one of the most desirable and collectible of american watches, making far fewer than the big companies such as Elgin and Waltham! (Ref r340)
$1,781 Rarity/Collectibility Grade

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Click for photo Wittnauer - 17j , manual wind [movement], excellent+ Stainless steel screwback case, 35mm, round button pushers, signed original crown.Subsidiary dials for constant seconds and 30m register. [back]another view [view]another view [view], near mint Dial maybe original if not it is an expertly refinished, calibrated for tachymetre and telemetre. Wonderful condition on this Wittnauer chronograph form the 1960s. Has the desirable round button pushers! (Ref rm566)

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Click for photo Elgin - BW Raymond, 19j,5 pos adj, lever set, [movement], excellent+ Size 16, B & B Royal, 20year gold filled case screwback and bezel[back]another view [view]another view mint Original enamel double sunk dial, no chips or hairlines, subsidiary seconds, blue steeled hands. From 1921, this Elgin "B.W.RAYMOND" is a good collectible. Fantastic condition on this railroad watch from 1921! (Ref r972)

Monday, February 18, 2019

Click for photo Howard - series 10,, lever set,21j, adj 5 pos.[movement], excellent+ Yellow gold filled Howard CWC case, , screw on bezel swing out case ,size 16[back]another view [view]another view excellent+ Original double sunk enamel dial, blue steeled hands, subsidiary seconds, small hairline in the subsidiary seconds dial. From 1913 a very desirable Howard 'SERIES 10" railroad chronometer. American railroad watches are becoming very collectible asd more collectors appreciate the workmanship and design of these classic pieces of american history! (Ref rm254)

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Click for photo Patek Philippe - 18j,signed,8 adjustments [movement], near mint 18k yellow gold snapback case,fancy scalloped lugs,33mm and 44mm lug tip to lug tip[back]another view [view]another view [view], mint Expertly refinished dial, subsidiary seconds. Highly desirable Patek Philippe with fancy lugs. This is a very collectible watch from Switzerland's Premier watchmaker! (Ref rm651)
$10,871 Rarity/Collectibility Grade

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Click for photo Waltham - 23j,vanguard,adjusted , lever set[movement], excellent size 16, srewback and bezel, no brassing but 2 small dings on back [back], excellent Enamel single sunk dial, blue steeled hands,subsidiary seconds, minor damage at 4 0'clock. From 1941 a very nice Waltham Vanguard 23j, very good watch for everyday use, running strong! (Ref r379)

Friday, February 15, 2019

Click for photo Eterna - 17j,manual[movement], excellent+ Stainless steel screwback 38mm, [back]another view [view]another view [view], excellent+ Original dial,sweep seconds,. Good looking Eterna military watch. This is of the type that was produced for the Czech forces. Very collectible.! (Ref rm1530)

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Click for photo Illinois - 23j bunn special 60hr , lever set[movement], excellent+ white gold filled by Keystone screwback and bezel [back], mint Enamel double sunk dial, blue steeled hands,23 jewels, 60 hours, marked on dial. From 1929 this Illinois "BUNN SPECIAL 60 HR" is in superb conditon,this rare watch with the special dial this would be the centrepiece for many a collection! (Ref rm382)
$3,323 Rarity/Collectibility Grade

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Click for photo Swiss - 17jewels, manual wind, [movement], excellent+ 9k yellow gold snapback case, 31mm, [back] case,, very good+ original metal painted dial, gold applied arabic numerals and hour markers, sweep seconds, even patina. a very nice Swiss movement with an English 9k gold case, this watch probably dates from the late 1940s or early 50s, nice watch for dress wear, vintage, reliable and distinctive! (Ref r66)

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Click for photo Waltham - 23j vanguard , lever set,adjusted[movement], excellent+ yellow gold filled screwback and bezel ,minor ding on back [back], excellent+ Enamel single sunk Montgomery dial, blue steeled hands,23 jewels, 2 very faint hairlines from the centre. From 1940 this Waltham "VANGUARD" makes a great carrying watch for those who appreciate such workmanship! (Ref r857)

229 items found , showing 1 to 10
For more items, click these pages:
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