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Click for photo Elgin - 21j, adjusted 5 position, [movement], excellent+ Keystone 10k yellow gold filled swingout case, size 16[back]another view [view]another view [view], excellent+ Original single sunk multi coloured enamel dial, subsidiary seconds dial,faint hairlines around the 10 and 11 and a faint hairline from center to 10. From 1899 a beautiful Elgin high grade watch with a wonderful multi coloured glass enamel dial. Some faint hairlines do not detract from the beauty of this watch. Very collectible .! (Ref rm1210)

Click for photo Elgin - 17j,adjusted [movement], excellent+ Keystone Boss 14k white gold hinged back case, decorated edge, 44mm [back]another view [view], excellent Original painted metal dial, some flaking, blue steeled hands. From 1926 this art deco Elgin with a high grade movement and solid gold case could have belonged to your grandfather with his well known eye for quality! (Ref rm524)

Click for photo Elgin - 19j,adj 5 pos, BW Raymond[movement], excellent+ Keystone 10k yellow gold filled case, screwback and bezel,very minor dings on back [back]another view [view], excellent Incredible even gold patina to this rare upside/down painted metal dial;, subsidiary seconds, blue steeled hands. From 1921 this scarce configuration with the crown at 6 and subsidiary seconds at 12 Elgin "B W Raymond" has the most spectacular patinated dial I have ever seen. At first glance it appears to be a gold coloured painted dial but closer inspection reveals the patina. This was probably designed for a car's dashboard.! (Ref rm418)
$593 Rarity/Collectibility Grade

Click for photo Elgin - 17 jewels,stem set, manual wind, [movement], near mint screw bezel and swing out case, size 18, salesman's display case to facilitate easy viewing without exposure to the elements, mint Flawless enamel dial, single sunk subsidiary seconds, blued steel hands,. From 1911 this Elgin 17 jewel high grade watch in a display case is a good find, 18s and a substantial feel, later plastic crystal, could try and put beveled glass on request after purchase. . Just a good example of american craftsmanship, design and workmanship at the dawn of the 20th century! (Ref r355)

Click for photo Elgin - 19j,adj 5 pos, manual wind [movement], excellent+ Size 16 nickel swing out case, side winding, lever set[back]another view [view]another view excellent Original multi coloured enamel dial. hairline from 5 to 8 and some chip damage around the edges, subsidiary seconds. From 1911 this Elgin Railroad grade watch has a rare and beautiful multi coloured dial with gold highlights. The dial has some damage but is still a wonderful example of handmade craftsmanship in the early 20th century! (Ref rm581)

Click for photo Elgin - 15j, grade 81 key wind and key set[movement], near mint Coin silver, hinged case, size 18[back]another view [view]another view [view], near mint Original dial,subsidiary seconds.. From 1881 a beautiful Elgin Grade 81 in a coin silver case. The watch is key wound and key set. Amazing condition for a watch over 130 years old. Very collectible.! (Ref rm1494)

Click for photo Elgin - 15j, manual wind, stem set, adj 4 pos [movement], excellent+ Keystone 10k gold filled, 3 piece case, size 16[back], near mint single sunk enamel dial, subsidiary seconds, blue steeled hands, minor chip at 36 min mark, not visible with the bezel in place. From 1951 this Elgin grade "575" stem set watch would have been a grade lower than a railroad watch but still a very high grade timepiece! (Ref r321)

Click for photo Elgin - 21 j,father time, lever set, manual wind,5 adj [movement], excellent+ Signed Wadsworth Referee 20yr 10k gold filled case, 3 piece screwback and bezel,[back], excellent+ double sunk enamel dial with red 5 minute markers, subsidiary seconds,minor hairline and some damage at the center. From 1911 this Elgin "FATHER TIME" is a desirable watch for any railroad collection! (Ref r330)

Click for photo Elgin - 17j, manual, adjusted[movement], excellent+ 14k white gold filled hinged case, 43mm[back]another view [view]another view [view]another view [view], fair Original metal dial, heavy patina, subsidiary seconds. From 1924 an Elgin dress watch with the original box. This watch has a high grade movement which still works well after all these years.! (Ref rm1228)

Click for photo English - Jeweled, gilded, manual wind [movement], mint 18k yellow gold,hunter cased, 58mm diameter, diamond inscription and initials on the [back], [slide repeater], highly carved [cuvette], view [of front], comes with [massive chain], mint Original enamel dial, subsidiary seconds. Presented in a massive [silver casket] by Barnard, hallmarked for London. 10" x 8" x 3", another view [another view]. Spectacular "Barraud & Lunds" minute repeater. This watch was expressly made for a Maharajah to give to another Maharajah. Exquisite work for the diamond inscription with a wonderful 18k gold chain. Also with massive silver presentation casket . Museum quality perhaps a gift for an Indian billionaire for another Indian billionaire! (Ref rmc998)
$137,989 Rarity/Collectibility Grade

144 items found , showing 11 to 20
For more items, click these pages:
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