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Pocket Watches
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152 items found , showing 61 to 70
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Click for photo Hampden - 17j, manual wind, Swiss[movement], excellent+ 14k yellow gold hinged case, 43mmmm[back]another view [view]another view [view], excellent+ Original two toned dial, gold applied numerals, subsidiary seconds dial,. Nice Hamden dress watch in 14k gold. High grade Swiss movement powers this watch.! (Ref rm1064)

Click for photo Hampden - 21 jewels, manual wind ,adjusted to 5 positions, [movement], excellent+ 18s dueber silverine case, no engravings [back] case,, excellent dial has minor damage visible under magnification at 5 above the subsidiary seconds dial, double sunk dial with subsidiary seconds, blue steeled hands. A high grade Hampden "North American Railway" 21 jewels, adjusted, railroad approved watch, A very chunky 18s in a silverine case .A great piece of american history, dates to 1903! (Ref r1013)

Click for photo Hampden - 17j,manual,adjusted, stem set . [movement], excellent+ Yellow gold filled screback case, 48mm, [back]another view [view]another view [view], excellent Original doublesunk enamel dial,(minor hairlines around the 3)subsidiary seconds. From 1915 a nice example of a Hampden stem set pocket watch. Stem set watches were not authorized for use on the railroads but such watches would often have a railroad approved movement.! (Ref rm1356)

Click for photo Hampden - 17 jewels, lever set, manual wind, adj [movement], very good Base metal case with lots of brassing , 3 piece screw on bezel and back [back], very good+ single sunk enamel dial,subsidiary seconds, blued steel hands, faint hairlines on the dial. A nice Hampden for use from 1909, 18 size sidewinder, good watch for a desk watch! (Ref r328)

Click for photo Howard - 23j, manual wind,adjusted [movement], near mint 14k yellow gold hinged back case, inner dust cover, size 16[back]another view [view], mint Original double sunk enamel dial, blue steeled hands, subsidiary seconds. Scarce E.Howard 23j in solid 14k gold. The last time the price of gold was over $750 in 1980 caused many pocket watch cases to be sold for gold content and the cases were melted down. Few of the solid gold pocket watch cases survived the butchery and if gold continues its upward thrust even more may be consigned to the smelter's pot! (Ref rm578)
$3,761 Rarity/Collectibility Grade

Click for photo Howard - N series with deer,manual wind ,stem set,[movement], excellent+ size 18,Hunter cased pink gold filled hinged back , slight brassing on back edge [back], near mint Enamel single sunk dial, subsidiary seconds, blue steeled hands and arabic numerals,. beautiful E Howard from around 1890, this is an 18s watch and has a crystal dust cover so you can view the movement without exposure to the elements. Howard is recognized as one of the most desirable and collectible of american watches, making far fewer than the big companies such as Elgin and Waltham! (Ref r340)
$1,781 Rarity/Collectibility Grade

Click for photo Howard - 17j, manual wind, lever set, adjusted [movement], near mint hinged swing out solid 14k yellow gold case, plain back [back], mint single sunk enamel dial with red 5 minute markers, no chips or hairlines, blue steeled hands. From around 1907 this Howard 47mm (12s) is a rare surviving example of a solid gold watch from the 1980s gold rush, a superb example of american workmanship and design from the turn of the century! (Ref r329)

Click for photo Howard - 17j, adjusted, manual[movement], excellent+ 14k white gold, engraved initials, size 10[back]another view [view]another view [view]another view [view], another view [view], excellent Original dial,showing patina, subsidiary seconds. Great chance to own one of America's finest watches. This Howard is complete with ebony presentation box, outer cardboard box, pouch and papers. A great addition to your collection.! (Ref rm797)
$1,169 Rarity/Collectibility Grade

Click for photo Howard - 21j, manual,adjusted [movement], near mint 14k white gold snapback case, , presentation inscription on back, 42mm[back]another view [view]another view [view], mint Brushed white gold dial with yellow gold applied numerals, subsidiary seconds. Beautiful Art Deco watch from Howard, the doyen of American watchmakers. This watch has a most beautiful dial. Very collectible high grade watch .! (Ref rm1039)

Click for photo Howard - 21 jewels, manual wind,5 adjustments ,#3251 [movement], near mint signed 14k white gold case in wonderful condition,decorations on case and bow [back] case,, excellent original silver dial with arabic numerals,subsidiary seconds,blue steeled hands,some aging showing. Very high grade Howard form the early years of Keystone ownership ,this would have had a purchase price of $85 before WW1, just a superb example of american design and workmanship in the early 20th century,43mm diameter and very thin, these were just one of the very highest grade american watches made, smaller than the railroad approved size but equal in grade to,this watch is a joy to hold and view! (Ref r1029)

152 items found , showing 61 to 70
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