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143 items found , showing 61 to 70
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Click for photo Howard - 17j,manual wind,signed, adjusted[movement], excellent+ 14k white gold Howard swing out case, decorative initials on back, 45mm[back]another view [view]another view [view], near mint Original brushed silver dial, subsidary seconds , blue steeled hands. From 1916 this Howard 14k gold dress watch comes with the original ebony box. You can see from this watch the early glimmers of the art deco period to come, a beautiful example of a high grade watch from one of America's premier watch makers! (Ref rm331)

Click for photo Howard - 17j, adjusted, manual[movement], excellent+ 14k white gold, engraved initials, size 10[back]another view [view]another view [view]another view [view], another view [view], excellent Original dial,showing patina, subsidiary seconds. Great chance to own one of America's finest watches. This Howard is complete with ebony presentation box, outer cardboard box, pouch and papers. A great addition to your collection.! (Ref rm797)
$1,321 Rarity/Collectibility Grade

Click for photo Howard - 21j, manual,adjusted [movement], near mint 14k white gold snapback case, , presentation inscription on back, 42mm[back]another view [view]another view [view], mint Brushed white gold dial with yellow gold applied numerals, subsidiary seconds. Beautiful Art Deco watch from Howard, the doyen of American watchmakers. This watch has a most beautiful dial. Very collectible high grade watch . A better investement than any NFT .! (Ref rm1039)

Click for photo Howard - 21j, manual, adjusted[movement], mint 14k white gold hinged decorated case,45mm, initials on back [back]another view [view], near mint+ Original double sunk dial,blue steeled hands, subsidiary seconds. Beautiful art deco Howard watch in white gold. Exceptional condition on this high grade american watch.Total weight 52 grams.! (Ref rm768)

Click for photo Howard - 21 jewels, manual wind,5 adjustments ,#3251 [movement], near mint signed 14k white gold case in wonderful condition,decorations on case and bow [back] case,, excellent original silver dial with arabic numerals,subsidiary seconds,blue steeled hands,some aging showing. Very high grade Howard form the early years of Keystone ownership ,this would have had a purchase price of $85 before WW1, just a superb example of american design and workmanship in the early 20th century,43mm diameter and very thin, these were just one of the very highest grade american watches made, smaller than the railroad approved size but equal in grade to,this watch is a joy to hold and view. Bech nicer to own than an NFT and more practical.! (Ref r1029)

Click for photo Howard - 17j, manual wind , adjusted [movement], near mint 14k white gold hinged case, 47mm[back]another view [view]another view [view], excellent Original metal dial, subsidiary seconds,. Good looking Howard "art deco" watch in solid gold. Fine example of American workmanship from the heyday of American weight of watch 61.5 grams! (Ref rm1051)

Click for photo Howard - , 17j,adjusted ,stem set[movement], excellent+ Howard 14k white gold hinged case, stem set,size 10 [back]another view [view], excellent Original painted 2 tone metal dial, some staining to the edges and a light even patina, subsidiary seconds, blue steeled hands. From around 1921, This ultra thin Howard in solid 14k white gold would have been one of best watches available in America at that time. A wonderful example of a very high grade watch coupled with an elegant design at the dawn of the "ART DECO" period. Total weight 51 grams. Better investment than an NFT .! (Ref rm478)

Click for photo Howard - 17j, 3 adjustments,[movement], near mint 14k white gold snapback case, size 10, 44mm[back]another view [view]another view [view], excellent+ Original silver dial, blue steeled hands, subsidiary seconds. From the Art Deco period this good looking Howard was one of the most desirable high grade american watches. Comes with original presentation box! (Ref rm650)

Click for photo Howard - 19j,manual,adjusted 5 pos [movement], very good+ 14k yellow gold hinged case, 46mm[back]another view [view]another view [view], mint Original enamel dial,subsidiary seconds, hairline from center to 10. From 1914 an elegant Howard in solid gold with a very high grade adjusted movement. Howard was the doyen of american watchmakers. Better than an NFT .! (Ref rm1271)

Click for photo Howard - 17j, manual wind, adjusted[movement], near mint Keystone white gold filled hinged case , 46mm[back]another view [view]another view [view]another view [view],, mint Original black striped dial, subsidiary seconds. Collectible Howard watch from the 'art deco' period. Very few Howards came with a black dial and this watch is in mint condition with the original box and license.Better than any NFT.! (Ref rm1050)

143 items found , showing 61 to 70
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