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Pocket Watches
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Click for photo English - manual wind, gilded, pin set [movement], excellent+ 18k yellow gold, hinged case, 35mm[back]another view [view]another view [view], excellent+ Original gold dial,. From Victorian England ,this smaller sized pocket watch would make a nice addition to any collection. Solid 18k gold with a gold dial.Also included a gold filled chain with a rare ' half farthing". At today's gold prices a bargain.! (Ref rm534)

Click for photo English - Fusee movement, key wind and hand set [movement], excellent+ silver open faced case wth cuvette [back], near mint enamel dial , signed John Forrest, London. gold spade hands and single sunk subsidiary seconds, tiny scratches on subsidiary dial. Substantial silver cased English fusee watch from the 19th century, works well with a wonderful tick, key wind and hand set, only ever set the hands forward, just like a chronometer! (Ref r635)
$1,231 Rarity/Collectibility Grade

Click for photo English - Gilded fusee movement, key wind and set,same key for both) [movement], near mint Sterling silver hinged case, 53mm, hallmarked London.[back]another view [view]another view [view], mint Original single sunk enamel dial, subsidiary seconds.. Dent was the clockmaker for Big Ben. One of Englands most famous names in watchmaking. Key wind and set ,same key for both which is included. Important to only set the hands forward in clockwise direction.! (Ref rm1622)
$991 Rarity/Collectibility Grade

Click for photo English - Jeweled movement, stem wind, pin set [movement], excellent 14k yellow gold, 47mm [back]another view [view]another view [view], mint Original porcelain dial, subsidiary seconds,. From the late 19th century when watches made in England were amongst the best in the world.Very collectible. Cheaper than an NFT and you can actually hold it.! (Ref rm1441)

Click for photo English - 15j, manual, adjusted[movement], excellent+ 9k yellow gold hinged case,46mm,monogram on back [back]another view [view], excellent Original metal dial, nice even mottling,subsidiary seconds. J.W.Benson was one of London's leading jewelers and watchmakers for many years. A nice example of a slim dress watch with a high grade movement .! (Ref rm708)

Click for photo English - 15j, swiss movmt, manual, adjusted[movement], excellent+ 9k yellow gold hinged case, 48mm[back]another view [view]another view [view]another view [view],, very good+ Original enamel dial, subsidiary seconds, some hairlines and a chip.. Good example of a J.W.Benson watch with a Swiss movement. This was the period when the Swiss were starting to dominate the European market.With original presentation box. With gold prices at this level not so bad to own .! (Ref rm943)

Click for photo English - Gilded, jeweled [movement], excellent Silver case, hallmarked,hinged back and dust cover, pin set, button for hack feature at2, 54mm [back]another view [view]another view [view], excellent original enamel dial with a 10mm hairline at 8m, sweep seconds. Rare English pocket watch by Thomas Peter Hewitt,has an interesting 'hack' feature whereby you can stop the watch at a precise moment either to time an event or to synchronise the time with a master source! (Ref rm558)

Click for photo English - English jeweled movement[movement], near mint Silver hinged case, 53mm, hallmarked[back]another view [view]another view [view], mint Original single sunk enamel dial,sweep second hand, dial calibrated for 1/5th seconds. From the 19th century a key wind and key set high grade English watch by J.W.Benson. Rare sweep seconds and chronograph dial.the key is included.! (Ref rm1767)

Click for photo Gübelin, E. - 17j,manual wind,3 adjustments[movement], excellent+ 14k yellow gold hinged back case, with black enamel decoration on the back and front edges [back]another view [view], excellent+ Original silver dial with gold applied arabic numerals, subsidiary seconds. A beautiful "ART DECO" Gubelin in solid gold enameled case. This watch also has a very high grade movement. Gubelin is one of Switzerland's premier watchmakers and jewelers. Total weight of watch 46 grams! (Ref rm516)

Click for photo Gruen Watch - 17j, adjusted, manual [movement], near mint 14k white gold with enamel trim, 42mm[back], excellent+ Silver dial, subsidiary seconds, blue steeled hands. Beautiful art deco watch in solid gold from Gruen.Very elegant and stylish with the black enamel trim. Very collectible..! (Ref r1028)

137 items found , showing 31 to 40
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